Monday, January 14, 2008


We don't do laundry here--we get our laundry done, at a conveniently-located lavanderia named Mr. Klyn. You pay by the kilo; it cost me around $6.50 USD to get my week and a half worth of clothes washed. I think it's the only thing that's more expensive here than it is for me at home. But, your laundry does get returned to you looking like this:

All folded, neat and tidy. Personally, I'd rather save money and fold my own clothes, but this is the only option, and it's not actually that expensive.

An attempt was made this evening to figure out what the deal is with Cine Bars--bars that occasionally show movies. I have yet to understand what exactly this entails. We returned to La Divina, the bar I went to on Friday, but it turns out that their sign outside lies(!) and they only show movies on Sundays. I actually wasn't that disappointed, given that the bar smelled like a bathroom.

Needing something else to do, we wandered over to the Cafe Brujula (compass) which had been recommended. They have awesome smoothies for excellent prices, but (perhaps because the guy at the Instituto recommends it) it felt very American...half of the menu was in English. So, I'd pop back in for a smoothie, but I probably won't hang out there.

When I had almost reached home again, I caught up with a bunch of other students who were eating at a restaurant just south of my neighborhood. I had two taquitos de arrachera (skirt steak) with pica de gallo and guacamole, and a bottle of Sol (a beer much like Corona), all of which cost me under $3 USD.

The highlight of my day was definitely an adorable little kitten playing outside a shop on my way to school and coming home from the cafe. It wa about the size of my foot! So tiny! I stopped to take a photo this evening and got to pet it, and let it play with my camera strap. The picture turned out kind of dark; I will try to get another one sometime so you can get a better idea of the cuteness:

Oh, and for lunch today we had pozole, which was is a soup made with hominy, spices, and some kind of meat (usually pork but we had chicken). I am going to learn to make it so I can have it back in Chicago.

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