Thursday, January 10, 2008

See I wasn't kidding about Popeye's

This afternoon, we spent over two hours having lunch with Viky and her aunt, Celia, who is 91 years old, has been married three times, and was, I just found out, the first woman lawyer in Oaxaca, all of which is pretty amazing. We (mostly she) talked about the origin of the word "gringo," learning foreign languages, tires in Canada, lobster, religion, our legs, and other things, I'm sure. Viky had long since gone, taking care of things around the house, and Jasmine and I didn't really know what else to do other than to keep sitting there and "platicando" (conversing). It was interesting, though, even though we heard a few stories multiple times. Celia, for being 91, is in really good shape. Her hearing is gone in one ear and she can't walk very well on her own and she repeats herself sometimes, but she has a good memory and many interesting things to say.

Tonight we're going out to dinner with other chicos, and then, who knows?

Oh, and I had a paleta de chocolate today. It was delicious, or as they say here, estuvo muy rico.

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Alex said...

Celia sounds like my great grandmother, who, until the age of 102 was bustling with energy and always wanted to talk with you, whoever you happened to be. She was never as successful as Celia seems to be, but has a similar spirit.