Thursday, January 24, 2008


Okay, forget being content and comfortable: these past couple of days have been filled with stress. We had a final today, and even though I think it went pretty well (and it's over either way), I don't feel relieved.
I've also spent the past couple days making travel arrangements for myself and ten other people--and I'll readily admit that no one asked me do it; I chose to be the organizer because I wasn't happy with the pricers the previous person had been coming up with. But, things kept changing and I've been handling/spending a lot of money which always makes me anxious--not because I'm worried about misplacing it, but just...worrying about money stresses me out.

Consequently, I've been in a cruddy mood, and cranky, and just really NOT excited about going to the beach this weekend. I don't even like beaches! Why am I planning a trip to one?

Ah well. My role as organizer allowed me to take this photo:

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Elizabeth said...

*big hug*

When you are stressed and upset, well, just remember that it's sunny and warm down there and it's freezing and gray up here. That should put a smile on your face.

Or just take a lesson from Footloose, and turn the Electric Six WAY UP and rock out. Rocking out has a very nice way of neutralizing stress. The more leaps and spins and crazy poses, the better.