Sunday, January 13, 2008

The most colorful lunch ever:

Clockwise from top left: tostaditas, lettuce, frijoles (beans), salchicha (sausage), quesillo (Oaxacan cheese), and avacados. The salchicha is the most delightful shade of bright magenta.

Behold, my tostada:

Oh noes, I forgot avacado!

Today has largely been spent resting up after a day full of walking yesterday, and doing homework. Last night, we went out to dinner and to a club for Kristen's birthday. The restaurant/bar we went to is called La Cantinita, and I think I've passed it every single day I've gone to el centro. The food was just okay, and way overpriced. Kristen got a lapdance from a dude in a luchador mask and a portable pole for dancing. Afterwards we headed to El Circo, a circus-themed club to the east. There was a life-sized giraffe model outside, and the club itself is inside a circus tent and decorated similarly. Well, if a circus was a nightclub. Much to our disappointment (especially considering the cover charge), there were no actual performers, just crappy MTV music videos and fake smoke (and plenty of real smoke as well). The drinks were ridiculously expensive; our friends ended up ordering bottles of alcohol and mixers and mixing our own drinks, but they must not have accounted for all the prices because they ended up $100 USD under when the bill came. All in all, not a great night, but not terrible, and Kristen had a terrific time.

Tomorrow, a few of us are heading back to La Divina, the bar we went to Friday night, to check out whatever movie is playing. A few bars around here show movies, and I have yet to really understand what that means/how that works.

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